The Imaginary Friend

bilbao-ext-dia-logo-rojaIn 2015, Karambola Producciones shot and coproduced the shortfilm “El amigo imaginario”, which is part of the “Bilbao-Bizkaia. Exterior Día” project.

The shortfilm, directed by Javier Rebollo with a script by Maria Eugenia Salaverri, was filmed on location linking the romantic and majestic Doña Casilda Park, built in the early 20th century, with the modernity of Abandoibarra, built a hundred years later.

“El amigo imaginario” tells the story of the meeting between Gus, who is about to be 40 years old and is going through a strong marital crisis, and two teenagers who will push him against the wall, Lu and Mo. Although the girls seem to be pretty innocent, they will play with him like two cats with a mouse.