Bilbao, a city for filming


Few cities in the world have changed as much as Bilbao in the last three decades. Its urban face has changed radically and over its old skin has emerged a new one.

But what do they see the ones who visit us with eyes of filmmakers? A huge set with polyhedral realities, a scenario that, for its diversity, offers a wonderful and amazing shooting opportunities. Because in the current Bilbao coexist in a close space, the absolute modernity and the old neighbourhoods of narrow streets, which allows reflecting a variety of stories and tales.

The Bilbao of major architectural projects, a city of new habits and social dynamism projected into the future, is within walking distance of the decaying neighbourhoods like Olabeaga or Zorroza. The scrapped industries, factory warehouses awaiting rehabilitation are just a few kilometres far from centre of the city, the sea, the Suspension Bridge, the Guggenheim or the Plaza de los Santos Juanes, where you can still shoot films set in the Napoleonic era.

The catalogue of scenarios is varied and suggestive and Bilbao provides to the filmmaker hundreds of sites with strong personality, to give inspiration and support to their stories. A rotation in the camera transports you from a villa in Neguri to an alley in Santurce, from the ultra-modern harbour to the hillsides where they still coexist urban and rural reality.